A Good Time to Clean out Your Closet

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If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably indoors due to the self-quarantine measures being promoted to reduce the spread of infection from COVID-19. Staying at home is a crucial way to do your part in preventing infection. While you’re sitting at home, it’s an excellent opportunity to get some spring cleaning done. One area you can focus your efforts on is to clean out your closet.

A vital part of spring cleaning that shouldn’t be ignored is to clean out your closet. The chances are that you have clothes there that you have not touched all year. This is an excellent time to go through everything and see whether you really do need it all.

It’s not always easy to get rid of clothes in your closet. However, it can be easier when you look at your clothes from a different perspective. Here are some tips to clean out your closet¬† in a way that won’t give you a headache.

A Good Time to Clean out Your Closet 3

Take Out Any Duplicates

How many white-collared shirts do you have? Do you have several of the same patterned dresses hanging up? If so, pick which ones are your favorites or look the best and get rid of the rest. You can start a big garbage bag or cardboard box to toss everything you’d like to donate. If you are worried that you will be missing what you are giving away, you won’t. In fact, you will probably not even notice the copies are gone.

Give Rid Of Anything That You Don’t Love Right Now

Do you have a pair of jeans that you can’t quite fit into right now, but are holding onto in case one day you will? Is there a shirt that you’ve had for years, but have never worn, yet are holding onto it in case you will one day? You should follow Marie Kondo’s advice and only keep what sparks joy in you and makes you feel great when wearing it. Everything else can go into that bag or box you have set up for donations.

Box Anything You Are Hesitant About

There are likely to be some pieces of clothing that don’t necessarily spark joy in you, but you do wear occasionally, or simply can’t part with just yet. The easy solution for these more challenging decisions is to set up a cardboard box and place them inside. This box is not a donation box. Instead, it’s one you will close up and put into storage. This could mean putting it in the garage, attic, or somewhere else out of the way. That way, you can get it out of your prized closet space, yet not go through the difficult decision of whether to keep it or give it away.

Once you’re done cleaning your closet, you should only be left with your favorites. Everything else can either go and get donated or get stored away to be revisited at a later time. See how you feel wearing your favorite shirt, shorts, dress, etc. You will probably end up donating the rest of your “maybes” at a later time anyway.

Clean Safely

It may not seem like a big task initially, but spring cleaning your closet can take a toll on your joints, especially if you have arthritis. This sort of task always ends up taking longer than you expect. It also means you’ll be getting down on your knees and bending over quite a bit. If you have arthritis or achy joints, you will be in a great deal of joint pain if you don’t plan ahead. One helpful and effective way to keep your joints feeling great¬†is to take a joint supplement. JointFuel360 is a natural herbal supplement for joint pain that packs anti-inflammatories like black pepper extract and turmeric, along with antioxidants like resveratrol. You can power through a round of closet cleaning without having to groan or grunt to get through it.

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Wrapping Up

Spring cleaning is not always fun, but its necessary to keep your house from looking like it should appear on an episode of Hoarders. When you follow these tips, you will get through cleaning your closet in as and effortless of a way as possible.

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