A Complete Guide to Living a Better Life

by kristen

Life happens to every one of us. So, as we grow older, we are likely to experience certain health conditions that we seemed to be immune to when we were much younger. The need to do well at work, raise kids, take care of our aging parents, and other responsibilities further increase the challenges that we need to deal with during this time. However, if you are intentional about living a better life, there are certain tips that you can use to make life truly better for you.


Here is a complete guide to living a better life:

Always eat when necessary

Generally, it is recommended that everyone should eat three times every day and also take light snacks in between these meals. But busy schedules, long hours at work, and other things often keep us away from eating as much as recommended. In fact, skipping meals has become a habit for many people. Sadly, skipping meals is known to be responsible for varying health conditions including hair and skin problems, release of stress hormones, as well as increased susceptibility to diabetes and blood sugar problems.

Therefore, if you want to lead a better life, you must avoid skipping meals. Irrespective of your schedule, eat at least three times every day and don’t forget light snacks.

Always choose healthy meals

When it comes to eating, it is not just about eating regularly. You need to eat healthy meals that are capable of promoting your wellbeing. What should you add to every meal?

  • Healthy fats

Saturated fats are some of the most common causes of cardiovascular diseases. They have also been identified as some culprits for loss of memory and concentration, especially for aged people. Therefore, you should eliminate or reduce your consumption of saturated fats such as butter and red meat. You should start eating fatty fish as well as nuts, flaxseed and other fats that are derived from plants.

  • High-quality proteins

Cellular processes and metabolism rely heavily on the quality of the proteins that you are eating. So, if you are not consuming high-quality proteins, you are doing yourself lots of harm. Similarly, you should ensure that protein only forms about 30% of your meal. Anything more or less than the required amount can lead to a problem. Seafood, beef, vegetables, beans, fruits, nuts, and chicken breast are some foods with high-quality protein.

Take lots of water

To prevent dehydration, you need to provide your body with more fluid. It is noteworthy that dehydration can lead to muscle cramps, kidney problems, fatigue, constipation, dry skin, high cholesterol and so on. Although there are lots of fluids, most of them can cause more harm to your body. Luckily, you can always count on water as it provides you with everything you need to function optimally. Water eases the process of digestion, absorption, and transportation of food substances. Hence, if you want to live a better life as you grow older, drink a lot of water.

Cut down or get rid of unhealthy food and fluids

Even if you are eating healthy meals, consumption of certain food and fluids can increase your susceptibility to some health conditions. You should try to eliminate or reduce the following:

  • Caffeine

Although caffeine has its advantages, its disadvantages overweigh it’s advantages for people that are 40 years or older. Chest soreness, panic attacks, arrhythmia are a few of the major health conditions associated with the over-consumption of caffeinated drinks such as coffee. To avoid these problems, do not take more than 400 mg of caffeinated drinks per day.

  • Sugar

In order to not put yourself at risk of increased cholesterol, weakened immune system, weakened tooth enamel, or depression, you must avoid sugar.

  • Soda and alcohol

Soda and alcohol are sometimes responsible for hypertension, dehydration, weakened immune system, arrhythmia, and a slower metabolism. So, if you want to prevent exposing your body to more harm, you must cut down your consumption of soda and alcohol.


Exercise your body

If you are middle aged or older, exercising your body will do you lots of good. Therefore, get involved in regular exercise to improve your physical and mental health. By exercising, you can improve the blood flow to your cells and brain, promote your strength, reduce the risks of diabetes, and build muscles. Some of the exercises you can do include running, squatting, strength training workouts, swimming, biking, and walking.

Focus on your joints

As you grow older, your joints may start experiencing certain changes. This could be a result of arthritis, damaged joints or other joint problems. You should consider participating in low-impact exercises that are capable of strengthening your joints and muscles. A better option for dealing with joint issues is JointFuel360, which is a unique product that increases the strength, suppleness, flexibility, and stamina of your joints. This advanced natural formula is also highly recommended for those that want to prevent joint issues.

Don’t neglect your hormones

Aging affects every part of our body and our hormones are no exception. Hormonal imbalance can lead to mood swings, muscle mass loss, fatigue, belly fat, cravings, and other health issues. All these health issues can have significant impacts on your mental and physical health. Therefore, you should go for a medical checkup if you notice any of these problems so you can deal with the problems before they worsen.

Pay attention to your eyes

Another vital step to living a better life as you age is protecting your eyes. For most people, aging affects the eyes; hence, you need to pay more attention to the health of your eyes as you age. Apart from visiting your eye doctor for a checkup, eating healthy meals that have zinc, omega 3, and vitamin A will go a long way in assisting you to prevent eye and vision issues.

Sleep and take naps

Your busy schedule may tend to make it more difficult for you to sleep for a longer period. However, you are putting yourself at risk of different health problems if you do not sleep for at least 7 hours every night. Sleeping soundly relaxes your body and keeps you rejuvenated to deal with the tasks of the next days.

In addition to sleep, you must never overlook the importance of taking naps to live a better life. Quick power naps are capable of keeping you alert as well as improving your productivity and overall health. A quick power nap of about 20 to 30 minutes will come in handy to make you lead a better life.

Be open to learning new things

Growing older does not mean that you should stop learning. So, go open your mind to learning new things. From learning new musical instruments to studying something new, and learning a new language, there are loads of ways you can learn new things. Learning new things can help you widen the horizon of your knowledge, make you find happiness, improve your brains, and enhance your minds.

Be positive

Being positive is one of the best ways to improve your mental health and help you deal with stress that may want to weigh you down. So, stay positive and live a better life.

Travel more

If you would like to relieve stress and keep your mind sane, traveling more is one of your best options. Exploring new places and learning about other people can be of great assistance to your cognitive health. Therefore, to make sure that you live a better life, take up the challenge of traveling more.

Be social

The importance of socialization can never be overemphasized. Being social reduces the risk of heart conditions, memory problems, and mental issues. Hence, you should get more social by staying in touch more with your family and friends. You can also consider joining a social group to meet like-minded people.

In conclusion, don’t take chances on your wellbeing. Start taking the steps listed above to live a better life!

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