How to Lose Weight with Joint Pain

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We all want to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, and losing weight is an essential part of staying fit. However, as we get older, being able to exercise and keep fit can become increasingly more challenging. These issues are only made more difficult for those living with arthritis, and with an estimated 350 million people suffering from the condition across the globe, how do you go about losing weight with joint pain?

Why should you focus on losing weight?

Losing weight with joint issues can seem a difficult task, but focusing on your health can actually help you to reduce the discomfort you feel. The higher the body weight, the more stress that your body faces when moving, particularly on the hips, knees, and back.

Conditions such as osteoarthritis cause the cartilage between your joints to break down, which causes your bones to rub together. This creates significant irritation and swelling, resulting in discomfort every time that you move. The higher your weight, the more your cartilage deteriorates and the worse the soreness you experience.

However, losing weight can not only help to decrease the discomfort of arthritis. Research has shown that those who are overweight are five times more likely to develop arthritis, so exercising and focusing on your fitness can help to lower your risk of getting the condition.

Alongside placing increased stress on your joints, losing weight can also help to alleviate discomfort and inflammation. As an active tissue, fat contains and releases inflammatory chemicals into the body, and research has shown that just a 5% or 10% reduction in body weight can significantly improve movement and reduce the discomfort you feel.

Working on losing weight and improving your cardiovascular disease can also reduce the risk of developing diabetes as well as helping lower the chances of having a stroke or suffering from heart disease. Regular exercise can also lower your blood pressure and cholesterol.

How to Lose Weight with Joint Pain

How to lose weight with joint pain

While there can be no denying that losing weight provides your entire body with a range of benefits, the discomfort and inflammation caused by arthritis can make exercise incredibly difficult to undertake. If you are struggling to get moving, we have taken a closer look at some of the top methods to help you get fit:

1. Watch your diet

When it comes to losing weight with joint pain, one of the most effective things that you can do is to ensure that you are following a healthy diet.

We all know the benefits of ensuring that we are eating a healthy diet that is packed with enough fruits and vegetables. This is especially true for those living with arthritis. However, you should also ensure that your diet includes:

  • foods such as fish high in Omega-3 fatty acids such as sardines, tuna, and salmon
  • dairy ingredients packed with Calcium and Vitamin D, including milk, cheese, and yogurt
  • Nuts that contain zinc, Vitamin E, fiber, and magnesium

Alongside ensuring you are eating the right foods, you should also focus on cutting back on certain ingredients and food. Sugar is very back for your body and is one of the leading contributors to obesity. Eating lots of refined carbohydrates can also result in increased body mass.

2. Portion control

While ensuring you are eating a healthy diet is essential, you will also need to ensure that you are practicing portion control. Consuming more calories than you are burning, no matter how healthy, will result in weight gain. That is why you should try cutting the amount of food you eat.

This can be a difficult thing to do, and if you are struggling, start by reducing the amount slowly and increase the reduction as you get used to it. Using smaller plates is also a great tip in helping you to reduce the amount of food that you are consuming.

How to Lose Weight with Joint Pain

3. Drink water

When it comes to weight loss for joint pain, drinking plenty of water is essential. Not only does it help to keep your body fueled and hydrated, but it also provides a host of benefits. Research has shown that regularly drinking water can increase your metabolism by up to 30% for nearly an hour and a half, helping to burn far more calories than you would normally.

This information is further supported with an additional study finding that those individuals who drank half a liter of water before sitting down for a meal would eat less, resulting in them losing 44% more weight.

4. Get enough sleep

This might sound like an easy one, but ensuring that you are getting enough sleep can play a vital role in helping you to not only lose weight, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When we are younger, we can often get away with less sleep, but as we age it becomes vital that we are ensuring that we are getting enough sleep every night.

Research has shown that those individuals who regularly had a poor night’s sleep were linked to having a 55% higher risk of obesity. Getting enough sleep guarantees that your body is able to rest, giving your muscles and bones time to repair and ensuring you are awakening feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day may bring.

5. Get active

Of course, when it comes to losing weight with joint pain, exercise is still one of the best methods. Although it can be more challenging to get moving when you are facing joint discomfort, there is a range of low-impact activities that you can participate in, including:

  • Walking

Walking is a fantastic form of exercise that everyone can participate in. Getting out for a short walk every day can help to boost your aerobic conditioning and significantly improve your joint and heart health.

If you are just starting out, try keeping to flat surfaces, and as your fitness improves, start adding in elevations.

How to Lose Weight with Joint Pain

  • Try yoga

While yoga might seem a complex form of exercise, there are positions that are designed to suit individuals of all levels. These movements help to increase flexibility and reduce inflammation while helping to burn calories.

  • Swimming

Swimming is another great low-impact form of exercise. Regularly swimming or undertaking water aerobics helps to increase your flexibility and strength, reducing joint stress and burning calories.

  • Cycling

No matter whether it is on a static bike or you are getting outside on a real ride, cycling is a fantastic form of aerobic exercise that burns significant calories. It also helps to reduce the stiffness of your joints and promote a greater range of motion.

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