Staying Healthy while Traveling

by Audra

Whether you are looking for a spot of winter sun, are planning a summer getaway, or simply want to head away for the weekend, healthy traveling is essential. Going on a vacation is an incredible experience, but traveling can also expose your body to various viruses and germs. It can also significantly disrupt your diet and sleep routine.

Knowing the top tips for healthy traveling can help to ensure you are able to remain fit and free from illness. To help ensure your next trip is one to remember, we have taken a closer look at some of the best ways to help make sure that you remain healthy.

     1. Get immunized

Healthy traveling starts before you head abroad, so getting yourself immunized is important to help protect you against developing serious diseases or illnesses. Making sure that you are fully vaccinated while also getting any extra boosters that you might need for certain countries will ensure that you can remain free from sickness.

If you are unsure of what jabs you might need before heading abroad, then you should speak with your doctor, who will be able to guide you.

     2. Try to avoid the aisle seat

If you are flying abroad, then one top tip is to try and avoid booking an aisle seat on the airplane. Planes are designed to continuously recirculate the air, passing it through incredibly fine filters that prevent viruses and bacteria from being recirculated.

However, a study by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention did find that those passengers who sat in the aisle seat were at a higher risk of exposure to germs.

Staying Healthy while Traveling

     3. Get plenty of sleep

Ensuring that you are getting plenty of sleep is essential for healthy traveling. Your body needs to rest in order for your cells to repair and replenish. Going on vacation can place a lot of stress on our bodies. From traveling long distances, passing through various time zones, carrying luggage, and extensive walking, your body experiences a lot when it goes on vacation.

That is why ensuring that you are getting enough sleep is essential. You are more likely to feel rundown and find symptoms for conditions such as arthritis increase. Sleeping on a long flight can also ensure that you arrive feeling refreshed, so investing in a travel pillow will help to ensure your head remains properly aligned.

     4. Keep active

When it comes to healthy traveling, ensuring that you are staying active is essential. While your holiday is a chance to relax and unwind, becoming too stationary can cause your joints to stiffen and your arthritis conditions to worsen.

Regular activity will also ensure that your immune system remains operating in the very best condition. Of course, getting active does not mean that you need to start hitting the gym every morning. Instead, regular walks instead of getting a taxi is the perfect alternative and can keep your fitness up, which in turn will boost your energy levels and ensure you can sleep better at night.

     5. Eat breakfast

The saying goes that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is an essential part of healthy traveling. While it can be tempting to wake up late and skip breakfast, you will be setting yourself up for failure.

Even if you do not fancy eating out each morning, preparing your own breakfast with fruit or local pastries from the grocery store will ensure that you have enough energy to get through the day. This can also help to ensure you are getting enough vitamins and nutrients, reducing the risk of becoming sick.

Staying Healthy while Traveling

     6. Follow a healthy diet

Eating breakfast is not the only important part of your diet when traveling. Your vacation is a time to relax and indulge yourself; however, you should not completely ignore your diet. Ensuring you are eating the right foods is crucial in ensuring that you are fueling your body with the right nutrients will keep your immune system working in the best condition and fighting off infection.

Eating healthy will not only reduce the risk of becoming sick, but it can also help to ensure that conditions such as arthritis do not flare up while exploring new places.

     7. Stay hydrated

Alongside fueling your body with the right nutrients and vitamins, staying hydrated is the key to healthy traveling. Water is an essential part of our body’s daily activities, but being abroad and exploring new places can make it difficult to stay hydrated, and it can be easy to lose track of how much water you are consuming.

That is why you should always ensure that you have a bottle of water with you at all times. You should also start your day by drinking two glasses of water with your breakfast, ensuring you can set yourself up for the day ahead in the best possible way.

     8. Take time for yourself

Traveling can be an intensive time, and it can be very easy to burn the candle at both ends. While going on vacation is the perfect time to let your hair down, pushing yourself too far can leave you feeling worn out and means you are more susceptible to becoming sick or developing an infection.

That is why you should ensure that you are taking time for yourself, ensuring you give your body time to rest and relax. Listening to your body and responding to it by taking regular breaks will help you to stay healthy while traveling and ensure you can maximize the experiences you enjoy while exploring new countries.

Staying Healthy while Traveling

     9. Keep hand sanitizer close by

Traveling will mean you will be exploring new places and coming into contact with multiple people, things, and handles. However, it can be tough to always find cleaning facilities to keep your hands washed before eating.

Keeping wet wipes and hand sanitizer with you will ensure you will always be able to disinfect your hands before eating, reducing the spread of germs and bacteria.

     10. Take vitamins

Supplements are another great tip for healthy traveling. Vitamins can help to ensure your body is fueled with all of the nutrients it needs, which can be difficult to do when you are abroad and eating on the go.

Looking to stay healthy and active while traveling?

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