Road Trip Tips For Older Drivers

by Audra

When was the last time you went on a road trip? Heading away with your family or friends for a unique vacation by road is not only a lot of fun, but it is also one of the most affordable options. However, the older we get, the more challenging driving becomes, and research suggests that seniors are far more likely to be involved in an accident than younger drivers.

While there might be an increased likelihood of an accident, seniors are also more likely to follow safety precautions before setting off. Driving can also be very good for older people, helping them to maintain their independence and visit their loved ones.

Driving requires good mental cognition and flexibility, and certain age-related conditions such as arthritis can significantly impact your driving ability. Inflammation and discomfort in your joints can prevent you from reacting as quickly while also making it very uncomfortable to sit in the same position for extended drives.

So, if you are thinking of heading away on a road trip this year, what can you do to make it as enjoyable, safe, and comfortable as possible? We thought we would take a closer look at some of the best tips to help you.

Tips for your next road trip

No matter what kind of adventure you might be planning, here are some tips to remember on your next road trip:

Road Trip Tips for Older Drivers

     1) Plan thoroughly

One of the most important tips for any road trip is to ensure that you plan ahead. The more comprehensive you are in your planning, the smoother your journey will be. Once you have decided on your destination, you should get together with everyone going on the trip to start your planning.

When scheduling your trip, you examine a map to plan out the most efficient route possible, but also a backup solution should there be traffic. You can also use this planning session to add in your rest stops and any attractions that you want to see.

     2) Review your health and safety

The health and safety of yourself and your passengers should be of the highest importance on any road trip. That is why you want to ensure that before you embark on your road trip, you want to ensure that you are first fit to travel.

You also want to ensure that your vehicle is stocked with all the relevant equipment. This includes a complete first aid kit with things such as bandages, antibiotic cream, aspirin, and tissues, and any medications that you might need.

     3) Check your vehicle

Another vital tip before heading out on any road trip is to ensure that your car is in the best possible condition. If possible, take it to your local mechanic, who will be able to give it a comprehensive check to ensure that it is suitable to go the distance.

However, if you are undertaking these checks yourself, then you should:

  • Ensure that all fluids are topped up
  • Your brakes are in good working condition, and the brake pads have plenty of life
  • Your battery is fully charged
  • Your tires have enough tread and are fully inflated
  • You have some jumper cables and wiper fluid on hand

Road Trip Tips For Older Drivers

     4) Plan for enough rest stops

Driving long distances can be very tiring and mentally draining, no matter your age. That is why you should ensure that you get enough rest throughout your road trip. When you are planning your trip, make sure you build in enough time to allow you to rest and get out of the vehicle.

Being able to stop and walk around for a short period of time can help to keep your mind alert and focused when you resume your journey. However, stopping and stretching are also particularly important if you are suffering from arthritis. Sitting in the same position and having to use the accelerator and brake pedals on a long journey can make your joints stiffen. Getting out of the vehicle and walking around lets you get the blood flowing again and reduces stiffness, inflammation, and discomfort.

     5) Focus on comfort

A long journey can be tough on the body, no matter whether you are the driver or a passenger. That is why another top tip is to try and maximize your comfort for the journey. This includes adding extra cushions as well as blankets and extra jackets to ensure you are comfortable throughout the journey.

If your road trip is going to be during the hot summer months, then you will want to ensure that your air conditioning is working. You should also make sure that you have enough water in the vehicle to prevent dehydration.

     6) Avoid peak times

No one likes to sit in traffic. Not only is it very boring and frustrating, but the constant stop and go can be very tough for those with arthritis. That is why, when heading out on your road trip, you want to ensure that you are avoiding the busiest times.

The summer months will see a lot of drivers heading out for a road trip, so the roads do tend to get busier. However, if you avoid morning and evening commuting times wherever possible, then you might find the roads are a little quieter and easier to drive.

Road Trip Tips For Older Drivers

     7) Clean your car

Before you head away on your road trip, you want to ensure that your car is as clean as possible. Taking your vehicle through a car wash will ensure the exterior is looking its best, but you should also focus on cleaning the interior by removing any dirt or food crumbs.

     8) Check your cover

No matter how safe of a driver you might be, accidents can happen to anyone. That is why, before going away on your road trip, you should double check the level of insurance coverage that you have. If you are planning on driving through another country or several thousand miles, then you should check with your provider that they will be covering you for this.

Of course, before your road trip, you do not just want to check your insurance. A breakdown can put an early end to any adventure, so make sure that you have roadside cover in place to ensure that you can get back on the road in the quickest possible time.

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