Seniors Taking Supplements

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As your body gets up there in years, it needs some extra help and support. With the aging process comes the loss of vital vitamins and minerals that you need to stay healthy. This is a process that only accelerates the older you get. That is why you should look at supplements for seniors that will restore what you have lost.

There are many different supplements out there, so how do you know which ones to take? Here are our picks for the top supplements for seniors.

Seniors taking Supplements

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

You may notice that your skin is feeling drier than it used to be. What can help with that is the supplementing of omega-3 fatty acids. These can be found in fish oil, and have become big in business. In fact, billions of dollars worth of fish oil is sold every year.

Fish oil has been found to not only help restore more youthful and supple skin, but it also supports a healthy heart. Given that heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States every year, this makes omega-3 fatty acids one of the most essential supplements for seniors.


One of the most popular supplements taken by seniors today is calcium. Virtually everyone understands the important role that calcium plays in supporting strong bones and teeth. As you become older, your bones lose an increasing amount of calcium. Women are more susceptible to calcium loss due to post-menopausal osteoporosis. This condition results in bone decay that could lead to more fractures and breaks in your bones.

You can usually get calcium from dairy products. However, if you are lactose intolerant or want to avoid dairy, you can take a calcium supplement instead. This is one of the most important nutrients to get when you are a senior looking to have healthy bones and joints.


SAM-e sounds like a strange name but it’s something that is actually already produced by your body. However, SAM-e levels drop when you get older. This coenzyme is made by the body by taking an amino acid and something called adenosine triphosphate. Together, they help ward off depression.

The way it works is by elevating the levels of serotonin and dopamine within the body. However, an unexpected surprise was that it was also found to improve the lives of people suffering from osteoarthritis. It has the remarkable ability to reduce the pain associated with this condition.


Probiotics are actually tiny live organisms that help you digest food better. You can consider it “good” bacteria. These are almost solely found in dairy products, and are found in especially large quantities in yogurt.

When you have a robust population of probiotics in your body, you are going to have easier bowel movements and digest food with ease. This makes it an important part of your health, even if digestion, bowel movements, and excretory functions are not something you want to think about all of the time. If you cannot or do not want to take dairy products for your needed probiotics, then you can get them in supplement form as well.

seniors taking supplements


The award for the strangest name on this list of supplements for seniors goes to CoQ10. Also called Coenzyme Q10, This is a naturally occurring antioxidant that can help keep your heart healthy. It is also involved in numerous other important biological processes, making it quite important and helpful to take. Your body is able to produce CoQ10 on its own quite easily. When it does, it converts it into an antioxidant called ubiquinol. This has to occur for the body to actually use it.

If your body is already producing this antioxidant, then why take it as a supplement? The reason is due to the cells in your body becoming less effective at converting it into ubiquinol as you become older. Today, both CoQ10 and ubiquinol are readily available to purchase as supplements. If you are one of the nearly 50 million Americans currently taking some sort of statin drug for heart health, you may want to strongly consider adding CoQ10 or ubiquinol to your daily supplement intake. This is because statin drugs have a tendency to block your body’s ability to make those antioxidants. If you take ubiquinol while on statin drugs, you will be able to effectively restore your body’s ubiquinol levels and maintain a healthy heart.

Joint Supplement

A joint supplement should also be a part of your daily supplement-taking routine. As you get older, your joints become more deteriorated due to years of use. Also, you will have far less collagen protecting your bones from grinding on one another, leading to inflamed and aching joints. The solution to restoring that lost collagen and eliminating joint inflammation is to take a natural joint supplement.

One of the best joint supplements available today is JointFuel360. This supplement comes packed with ingredients like type II collagen that can help restore the collagen in your joints. It also features anti-inflammatory compounds like black pepper extract and turmeric, which work incredibly well together to keep inflammation at bay. There is also the antioxidant called resveratrol, along with Boswellia serrata aka frankincense, which will help to further reduce uncomfortable swelling.


These are some of the best supplements for seniors to take on a daily basis. There are several different forms that these supplements come in, making them easy for anyone to take. Some people have a very challenging time swallowing larger capsules, which makes alternatives like liquids and gummies additional ways to still get all of the benefits of these powerful supplements.

The older you get, the more likely you will have to take supplements to restore the vitamins and minerals that have been lost. When you put the supplements for seniors mentioned in this article into your daily routine, you can be sure that you will feel significantly better overall!

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