Top Tips for Making Good Habits Stick

by Audra

Are you looking to live a better life? Adopting good habits is something that we all want to be able to do, but it can also be an incredibly challenging trying to maintain them. Having the willpower and dedication to stick to your good habits is not a straightforward process and there will certainly be times that you will slip up, so how do you make them stick?

That is a highly open question, and those motivating factors differ depending on who we are and the good habits we are looking to incorporate. However, there are certain things that you can do to help you maintain them and enhance your life.

Why should you adopt good habits?

Before we look at some of the best methods for making positive habits stick, we thought we would first take a look at why you should adopt them. Good habits do not need to be major changes in your life; in fact, some of the simplest things can transform your life. Incorporating behaviors such as:

  • Cutting back on social media
  • Reading more
  • Being more creative
  • Getting outside more
  • Exercising more
  • Reducing how much you are drinking or smoking
  • Taking ten minutes a day to perform yoga

Whatever it might be, these small changes can result in big differences that can transform your life. This could be helping you to lose weight, become healthier, or even alleviate discomfort from conditions such as arthritis. Whatever it might be, being able to maintain these positive adjustments is essential.

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How to make good habits stick

No matter what good habits you might be looking to incorporate into your life, to get the biggest benefits, you need to ensure you stick to them. However, we know how tough it can be to keep at them. That is why we have taken a closer look at some of the best methods for making them stick:

    1) Keep it simple

When starting out on a new habit, it is always best to start small. For example, if you are looking to improve your fitness to reduce the inflammation and discomfort of arthritis, then you should not commit to running five miles a day.

Instead, you should focus on beginning small, such as getting out to walk for thirty minutes a day and slowly building up. This will help to lay the foundations of building a habit, making it easier to develop those triggers that motivate us.

     2) Make it daily

For an activity to become a habit, you need to be doing it consistently. That is why you should focus on trying to commit to doing it once every day. Only doing something a few times a week makes it much harder to commit to, so concentrating on doing something every day will keep your mind active and on the task at hand.

To make that habit feel automatic, you should commit to doing it every day for thirty days. This will condition your mind and body, making it much easier to keep committed to the task at hand.

     3) Set reminders

During those initial thirty days, before the activity becomes a habit, it can be very easy to forget to do it. That is why a great tip is to leave yourself reminders so that it is always on your mind.

This could be placing a post it note on your fridge or by your desk or setting a digital reminder on your phone. However you do it, make sure you it is in a way that you will see regularly.

good habits

     4) Be consistent

It can be tough to make a good habit stick, but above everything else, you need to be consistent. Take the exercising example; if you are serious about getting fit to reduce the symptoms of arthritis, then set a clear time every day that you will be workout out.

Going to the same place at the same time for thirty days will make it much easier to form a positive habit.

     5) Don’t do it alone

Forming a good habit does not need to be something you do alone. Doing it with a friend or your partner can actually make it much easier to commit to, as you use each other for motivation. We all face difficult moments where we don’t feel like going out to exercise or get off the sofa, but having someone there with you will give you the energy to get up and get going.

     6) Identify your triggers

Another key focus when it comes to making good habits stick is to identify those triggers that might deter you. Certain events or scenarios are known to cause a bad habit to develop, and this continuous cycle is known as the habit loop.

These bad habits could be very minor, but when they all come together, they could prevent you from achieving your goals. That is why when you are able to identify what these triggers might be; you can then take steps to avoid them.

     7) Keep at it

While it can be very easy to read these points and think you have what it takes, but in reality, we all make mistakes. Being imperfect is part of being human, so if you find that you are not sticking to your daily habit, do not be too hard on yourself. Keep at it, and you will find that these slip-ups become less frequent.

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     8) Remove temptation

While making mistakes is part of being human, you can reduce those slip-ups by removing the temptation. Whether it is eliminating junk food from your cupboards, throwing away your last cigarettes, or holding back on buying that bottle of wine with your weekly shop, when you remove those temptations, you will not have to worry about your willpower preventing you!

     9) Commit it to paper

This might seem like a strange tip, but research has shown that if you write your goals down on paper, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. Therefore committing your good habits to paper and displaying your goals in a prominent position will give you the strength and motivation to continue to strive towards them.

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