Why Men Should Walk Every Day

by Audra

When it comes to keeping fit and improving your health, everyone knows the benefits of working out. However, walking can also be a fantastic way to maximize your fitness. For men, getting out for a walk every day can transform your health and provide you with a huge array of benefits.

As we get older and family life takes over, it can be very difficult to find the time to focus on our  fitness. Thankfully, walking is a very easy activity to incorporate into your lifestyle. Not sure why men should try to walk every day? We thought we would take a closer look at the many benefits that it can provide.

Why Men Should Walk Every Day


What are the benefits of walking?

When it comes to exercises that are able to target every part of the body, walking is one of the best ways for men to improve their health. Some of the biggest benefits of walking every day include:

     1) Enhance your circulation

One of the biggest benefits of walking every day is that it can help you to boost your circulation. As our bodies age, heart disease and high blood pressure are very common and dangerous conditions.

Walking can help to reduce the risk of developing these conditions by elevating your heart rate, strengthening your heart, and lowering your blood pressure. Men who walk at least thirty minutes a day at a brisk pace of around three miles per hour will be able to reduce their risk of a stroke by 40%.

This risk may even be reduced further if you are able to increase the distance, duration, and intensity of your daily walk.

     2) Strengthen your bones

Walking is also a great way to strengthen your bones. This is particularly useful for men who suffer from conditions such as osteoporosis, which causes bones to lose mass over time. Research has shown that a thirty minute brisk walk every day can also help to reduce the risk of fractured or broken bones.

     3) Extend your life

One very important health benefit of walking every day for men is that it can help to extend their lifespan. Those men in their fifties and sixties are up to 45% less likely to die in the next eight years in comparison to those who lived a more sedentary lifestyle.

     4) Burn calories

Like any form of exercise, walking is a great way to start burning calories and losing weight. The number of calories burned will depend on a range of factors, such as the speed and distance you are walking, the terrain you are walking over, and your weight.

To help you determine the actual amount of calories you are burning on each walk, you can use a calorie counter, or for a more general estimation, then this chart is incredibly helpful.

Why Men Should Walk Every Day

     5) Reduce blood sugar

If you are struggling with diabetes, then a daily walk can help you to lower your blood sugar. A recent study has found that a brisk fifteen minute walk three times a day after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, significantly improved blood sugar levels in comparison to those who opted for one long 45 minute walk.

While this study is still in its infancy and further research is required, incorporating a short post-meal walk into your exercise routine can provide you with a wide range of benefits.

     6) Ease your joint pain

For men who struggle with the discomfort, inflammation, and stiffness commonly associated with diabetes, regular walking can transform their experiences. Walking is able to strengthen your bones and protect the joints, particularly those in the knees, ankles, and hips.

The more you walk, the more your joints are lubricated and the stronger the surrounding muscles become. Research has shown that walking six miles a week can help to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis, although as with any exercise, if you are not used to walking such distances, you should ease in slowly and cover distances you are comfortable with.

     7) Enhance your immune system

Walking is also a fantastic way to boost your immune system. As we get older, common illnesses such as the flu can be more severe and dangerous, and walking regularly can help you to reduce the risk of becoming sick.

Research has shown that those adults who regularly walked briskly for around 45 minutes a day were 43% less likely to take a sick day at work or experience upper respiratory infections. Even if they did get sick, the study found that their symptoms were lessened, and they were able to recover much quicker.

     8) Improve your mood

Alongside improving your physical health, walking is also a fantastic way to improve your mental health. Multiple studies have found that walking regularly can help you to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety while enhancing your overall mood.

Regularly aiming for a 30 minute walk a day can also help to reduce feelings of social withdrawal and enhance your self-esteem. You should aim to walk every day, breaking it down into three-ten minute sessions if you are struggling to find the time for longer alternatives.

     9) Increase your energy

While this might seem strange, regularly going for a walk is a great way to enjoy an energy boost, far more effectively than a cup of coffee can do! When you go for a walk, your whole body enjoys the benefits. For men, a brisk daily walk helps to increase the flow of oxygen throughout the body as well as boost your levels of epinephrine, norepinephrine, and cortisol, which helps to elevate your energy levels and keep you feeling more alert.

Why Men Should Walk Every Day

     10) Enhance your creativity

Stuck on certain ideas? Finding that you have too many thoughts racing through your mind? Going for a brisk walk can help you to clear your head and enhance your creativity. Recent research examined a range of people who were asked to create new ideas while either sitting down or walking.

This study found that those who were walking around, especially those who were outside, were far more creative and had a stronger flow of ideas. That is why a daily walk will not only help to enhance your health, but it can also support you in your work.

     11) Improve your sleep

Finally, a daily walk is also a great way to enhance your sleep. When you are able to remain active and give your body a workout, your muscles and mind are more relaxed, and you can enjoy a deeper sleep.

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