Biggest Threats to Women’s Health

by Audra

When it comes to threats, women’s health has quite a few, with some being more serious for women than men. It’s a fact of nature that men and women have different health risks. Being knowledgeable about the risks will help you avoid unwanted health issues that could turn your world upside down. Thankfully, there is quite a lot you can do as far as preventative health goes to avoid the threats women’s health has.

Here are the biggest threats to women’s health you should be aware of if you are a woman:

Heart Disease

Believe it or not, breast cancer is not the leading health risk for women. It is actually heart disease. Over one in four women die due to this condition. This is more than all deaths attributed to cancer for women in the US, coming out at around half a million deaths. Unfortunately, a little over one in ten women realize just how great of a risk heart disease is. On the bright side, lifestyle and habit changes like quitting smoking, eating healthily, and staying physically active all help with avoiding this major health threat.


The second biggest threat to women is cancer. In fact, nearly a quarter of all deaths for women are attributed to cancer annually, leading to a quarter of a million women dying due to some form of cancer. Believe it or not, breast cancer is not even the largest threat to women’s health in the cancer domain – its lung cancer. Taking over 70,000 female lives every year, this is a form of cancer that can be easily avoided by simply not smoking. In fact, one-third of all female cancer victims could avoid death by making a few lifestyle changes.

Biggest Threats to Women's Health

Cancer Cells


Stroke is another major culprit as far as threats to women’s health go. While less than one in ten women dies due to a stroke, it is still a leading cause of death in the US for women. What’s more is that women are more likely to have a stroke than men, with them having 60% of all strokes. This makes it vital for women to be aware of what leads to getting a stroke in order to take preventative steps.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Perhaps one of the most tragic diseases is Alzheimer’s Disease. This is a progressive and degenerative brain disorder that around 5% of all women in the US end up having. Today, there are around 5 million women dealing with this condition every day. It is another disease that affects women more than men. Signs of forgetting things and becoming confused are usually telltale indicators that a woman is having early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. If it progresses far enough, it will cause permanent mental impairment.


Sometimes considered the mother of many diseases, diabetes takes the lives of 3% of all women in the US. It can result in very serious health issues that are currently being experienced by nearly 13 million women who are 20 years old or older. However, this is also a disease that sees one-fourth of women undiagnosed. Women of color are at the highest risk of succumbing to diabetes. Thankfully, diabetes is a health threat that can easily be prevented and avoided. If you want to lower your risk of getting diabetes, you should start eating healthier, staying more physically active, and maintaining a healthy body weight.


The flu and pneumonia together result in around 3% of US female deaths. The flu, and more recently coronaviruses like COVID-19, is a highly contagious disease resulting from being infected by a virus. Pneumonia occurs when the lungs become infected with bacteria instead of a virus. Bacterial pneumonia is the deadliest kind. Preventing the flu and pneumonia is possible when you take care of your immune system, which may not prevent you from getting the flu, but it will help you avoid death.

Biggest Threats to Women's Health


Kidney Disease

Kidney disease results in the kidneys no longer adequately removing waste from your blood. Around 2% of all female deaths in the US are due to kidney disease. There are a number of factors that will be contributing to this disease, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease. This is why if you currently have any one of these health issues, you should consider reducing the risks of getting kidney disease right now. This is especially true given the early stages of kidney disease do not have any symptoms. A simple blood or urine test should provide insight into whether you have the disease.


Arthritis is another health condition that affects women more than men. This is true for a majority of the different kinds of arthritis that exist. Rheumatoid arthritis has been seeing an uptick in cases in recent years, which is something to consider if you are a woman. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, women appear to have it three times more than men do. Women who are pregnant have been known to have seen their rheumatoid arthritis go into remission, which is something we still don’t have an explanation for. However, it could be due to hormonal changes that result in reductions in inflammation.

When it comes to what threatens women’s health, arthritis is one of the most easily manageable conditions. This is due to there being joint supplements like JointFuel360 readily available that can significantly reduce, or outright eliminate, joint discomfort. If you have aching or stiff joints, you will want to consider taking this all-natural and potent joint supplement that features antioxidants like resveratrol, anti-inflammatory compounds like black pepper extract and turmeric, and other helpful ingredients.

Conclusion of the Biggest Threats to Women’s Health

These are the biggest threats to women’s health. As you can see, there are quite a few that are easily preventable with a healthy diet and greater physical activity. When you add supplements like jointFuel360 to your daily health regimen, you will be doing yourself a great service and helping prevent these health threats and others.

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