A 4-Week Plan to Start Walking More

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If you suffer from arthritis, walking is one of the best and easiest ways to relieve symptoms of back and other arthritis-related joint pain. It’s a low-impact activity that will ease any joint pain, fatigue, and stiffness you may be feeling. It is also a great way to improve your overall well-being. You should start walking more, since it can be done pretty much anywhere at any time.

Research has found that walking for an hour briskly every week made a significant difference in how much pain due to arthritis was experienced. This could come out to just 10 minutes a day. If you have osteoarthritis, you will benefit from walking at least 6,000 steps each day, according to another study.

To help you get the most out of walking and reduce your back soreness, we have put together a 4-week plan that you can follow along with. After four weeks, expect to feel stronger and have a greater range of motion. Walking is one of the most beneficial ways to keep your back soreness at bay and enjoy returning to a life where everyday tasks aren’t so demanding.

You can follow along with our 4-week exercise plan that will get you walking more and experiencing greater relief from back soreness, knee stiffness, and other types of arthritis-related joint pain

Week One

Walking is gentle on your joints compared with other forms of exercise. You can either walk outside or at home; it doesn’t matter. As long as you get around 2.5 hours of walking every week, you will be getting enough of this low-impact exercise. This means waking for around half an hour a day for five weeks a week.

If you feel like 2.5 hours of walking a week is too difficult at first, that’s alright. You can work your way up to that, even if it will take several months to do so. The key is to walk a little bit more as you continue your journey to a life with less joint pain.

Initially, you can set a goal to walk at a comfortable pace for five minutes. You can do this just twice a day, five times a week. If that’s too much, cut the time in half.

If that is even too much, simply walk for one minute, but do it 5-10 times a day. If that still proves to be too much, just half the time once more. The key is to start walking more somewhere that feels comfortable and increase the amount of walking time from there.

When you feel you are able to, begin walking for 10 minutes straight. You can even pick up the pace if you feel up for it. You’ll have the option of either walking every day during this first week, or just as many times as you can.

A 4-Week Plan to Start Walking More

 Week Two

The more you walk, the more back pain relief you will experience. For the second week of this 4-week plan, aim to walk for five more minutes than you did during the first week. You can then go ahead and walk as many times as you feel comfortable over the course of the week. If, during this second week, you don’t feel comfortable increasing the amount of walking time, that’s fine. Simply increase the time once you feel you are able to do so.

Your goal for week two should be to walk for five minutes a day, five times a week, while doing so three times a day. That means you will be walking for 15 minutes.

If this is too uncomfortable for you, just walk a minute at a time, but walk 15 times over the course of the day. You will still be getting your 15 minutes in, but with several breaks. On the other hand, if you are up for it, you can not only walk for 15 minutes but pick up the pace. 

Week Three

By the third week, you should be increasing how much you are walking. At this stage, you should check in on your posture. Are you slouching or standing up straight? Are you letting your arms swing freely? Feel every aspect of your posture and walking technique to make sure you are enjoying walking, and that you are not putting unnecessary strain on your back.

During the third week of this walking program, you will want to aim for walking for 10 minutes, twice a day. If this is too challenging for you, drop your walking time to two minutes, while walking ten times a day for five days over the course of the week. If you’re up for it, walk the 20 minutes in one go. If you’re confident that you can walk more, then you can walk the 20 minutes in one shot, and pick up the pace while doing so. 

A 4-Week Plan to Start Walking More

Week Four

By the fourth week of this exercise program, you will notice some improvements in how much you can walk. Also, you will notice that you have less back pain. For this week, you can do the same thing you did the week prior, but walk one or two more days than you did. You can also modify things to suit your level of comfort and ability. As long as you are making improvements, you will be increasing the benefits.

 Wrapping Up

Congratulations! You now have a 4-week walking exercise program you can apply to your life to reduce back soreness and other pain you experience due to arthritis. To maximize the benefits of this program, you can take a potent all-natural joint supplement called JointFuel360. This supplement will provide you with powerful antioxidants like resveratrol, as well as anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and black pepper extract. These, plus other ingredients, provide all the necessary nutrients and support for healthy joints.

Even if following along with this 4-week program proves to be challenging for you at first, you can start small and go from there. The journey begins with taking that first step.

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