Teas for Every Mood

by Audra

Tea is a beverage that has been brewed for thousands of years. The long history of tea demonstrates its staying power. This is due to the numerous benefits that tea has to offer. It can provide both calming and stimulation effects, making it an option for when you want to get help with waking up or going to bed.

Besides energizing and sedating, tea can also affect how you feel. In fact, there are teas for every mood! The plentiful minerals, nutrients, and essential oils within different kinds of tea will directly impact your mood. This can help regulate your emotions and get you through challenging mood swings. Since there are teas for every mood, all you need to do is find the one that provides the effect you are looking to experience.

With half of all Americans drinking tea on a daily basis, it’s clear that many are enjoying the benefits of tea. Here are the different kinds of teas you can drink depending on what mood you’d like to get in.

More Energy – Green Tea

Green tea is a classic when it comes to tea. Named for the vivid green hue it gives off, green tea has been proven to help with numerous health benefits, including getting a decent energy boost. In fact, you will feel perked up after drinking a cup of green tea yet not have any jitters like you would with coffee.

Teas for Every Mood 1
Lavender Tea

More Calm – Lavender Tea

If you want to go in the opposite direction and feel calmer, you will want to brew some lavender tea. Lavender is the go-to if you need to feel calmer in your life. It is usually used as an essential oil, but drinking tea made from lavender flowers will provide the same benefits. Throw some of these lavender-colored flowers into a pot of hot water and enjoy a more tranquil mood.

Less Sadness – Lemongrass Tea

With millions of people suffering from depression in the US, it has become challenging for many to be in higher spirits. Thankfully, lemongrass tea can be a part of a wellness regimen that improves your mood. There is a slight element of citrus in lemongrass, making it smell quite refreshing. Studies have also uncovered that lemongrass tea can help alleviate depression.

Reduced Insomnia – Chamomile Tea

If you’ve been having a challenging time falling asleep, then you’re not alone. Over 40 million Americans suffer from some type of sleep disorder. If you are looking to improve your quality of sleep naturally, you should try drinking some chamomile tea before going to bed. Made up of yellow flowers, chamomile has sedative properties that will help you feel sleepy quite effectively. You may no longer need to deal with insomnia again!

Less Stress – Peppermint Tea

Life can get very busy and overwhelming these days. Thankfully, you can get some help with all of the tasks you need to do as an adult. An effective tea to drink that will help you feel less stress and more peace is peppermint tea. The menthol that comes naturally in peppermint helps relax your muscles. Additionally, there is no caffeine in peppermint tea, making it a great stress-reliever to take before bed.

More Energy – Black Tea

Besides green tea, you can also get more energy by drinking black tea. This form of tea also comes with caffeine, but not too much like coffee. The included L-theanine will help with balancing out the more jittery effects of caffeine that you are probably looking to avoid.

Feeling Soothed – Honey-Lemon-Ginger Tea

If you feel like you need to be soothed, then a tea made with honey, lemon, and ginger should do the trick. This is a tea that is especially useful during the winter when colds and the flu are rampant. Thanks to ginger being in this tea, you will also reduce nausea, arthritis, and migraine headaches. Honey is a potent infection fighter and will soothe your throat. Splashing a little bit of lemon can aid in better digestion and even strengthen your immune system!

Teas for Every Mood
Masala Chai Tea

Positive Mindset – Masala Chai Tea

Drinking chai tea is an unforgettable experience. You will enjoy a very robust flavor profile that also lifts your mood and flips your mindset to a more positive one. The word “masala” itself refers to the aromatic spice blend that this tea has. The base of the tea is black tea, which means you will be receiving all of the energizing benefits black tea offers. On top of that, you improve your memory and overall cognition with cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. The included cardamom will minimize inflammation in your body while star anise helps you detox.

Less Anger – Dandelion Tea

If you often wake up with a bit of a grumpy attitude, you may want to try drinking some dandelion tea in the morning. This tea will help you temper anger quite effectively. The classic way of drinking this tea is to brew the leaves, roots, and stems of dandelion plants. You don’t necessarily need to have all three of these in your dandelion tea, but do your best to get as many of them as you can. You will enjoy reduced blood pressure and more balanced hormones, which help quell any anger within you.

Enjoy These Teas for Every Mood

These nine teas can have a profound effect on your mood. The next time you are looking to improve your mood, reference this article and pick the tea that works best for you.

You can also take a joint supplement along with these teas if you want to promote strong and healthy joints that are free of pain. JointFuel360 has black pepper like chai tea does, while also containing turmeric. These are both potent anti-inflammatory compounds that keep inflammation at bay. There is also an antioxidant called resveratrol, as well as Boswellia serrata, which both help with reducing joint swelling.

Drinking one of these teas and taking a joint supplement is a great way to improve your mood and protect your joints. Try this combo out and see how great you begin to feel!

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